2 things that can affect the quality of a stainless steel manufacturing facility’s products

If you own a stainless manufacturing facility, it's important to familiarise yourself with the things that could potentially have a negative effect on the quality of your finished stainless steel products. Continue reading to discover more.  The cleanliness and sharpness of the cutting machines' blades Virtually all stainless manufacturing facilities use cutting machinery to create their stainless steel products. This machinery typically features one or more electrically-powered blades, which slice through sheets of steel and in doing so, alter their proportions. Read More 

4 Tips for Harvesting, Using and Buying Timber Salvaged From Fire

Timber salvage is an ethical and acceptable source of wood from trees that would otherwise get wasted. The salvaging utilizes live or dead trees in forests, farms or urban areas that have not been derived from state forests or natural forests to make useful construction materials, craft works, firewood or furniture. Nonetheless, it is possible to get timber salvaged from burnt forests, but there are numerous legal, logistical and ethical issues that should get considered. Read More 

How Wooden Crates Can Help You to Cut Costs

The stiff competition among manufacturers has compelled many to start looking for creative ways to cut costs and protect narrow profit margins. This article discusses how wooden crates can help you to reduce your packaging and distribution costs so that you can remain profitable. Less Cushioning Many manufacturers incur a significant cost to make extra padding or cushioning materials that will shield their products from being damaged during shipping and distribution. Read More 

The Various Applications You Could Use Sandblasting For

Sandblasting refers to the process of propelling minuscule bits of abrasive materials at an increased velocity in an attempt to change the finish of a surface. As the name suggests, sand is one of the more commonly used abrasives. However, over the years, other materials have been incorporated into this process including coconut shells, copper slag, walnut shells, steel grit and more. If you plan on engaging in sandblasting, it would be prudent to wear protective gear, have an alternate supply of air to breathe as well as ensure the area is sufficiently ventilated This is because inhaling the dust particles that are generated through this process can be a severe health hazard. Read More 

Make Your Factory Safer and More Efficient By Choosing the Right Layout

All factories and warehouses are complex spaces, where different staff members have to carry out their roles, products flow between areas and machinery has to remain accessible and safe to use. This means that dividing the various parts of an industrial space is a major issue. When factories are well defined by stairwells, handrails, painted floor markers and signs, they are safer, more efficient places. Where these dividing lines break down, they can become unsafe and unproductive. Read More